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4 Ways Managerial Staff Can Make Themselves Easier for Employees to Contact

June 19 2017 - Depending on the kind of organization you're working for, there may be a variety of ways to get in touch with management about a specific problem or complaint. In some workplaces, it's an easier process than in others, and typically some managers are easier to contact. However, for the sake of maintaining customer satisfaction and productivity levels it would be wise to ensure quick and easy correspondence between all company staff on an ongoing basis. With that said, here are four ways managerial staff can make themselves more accessible to other employees:

1. Business Cards

Some offices choose to leave the business cards of important supervisors on the desk of their workers in case there's ever an issue that needs to be urgently addressed. That way, the employee can just pick up the card, dial the number, and reach the manager without having to go and physically find them or look up their number within the company's online database. If you have a lot of employees to hand out business cards to, you can use a business card creator to simplify the designing and printing processes.

2. In-House Telecom and Intercom Systems

Having a comprehensive telecom system allows you to assign extensions to each manager so that employees can pick up the phone and dial a simple number combination to reach any department or manager in seconds. Most telecom systems and businesses include phones that will have laminated number directories on the front to make it easy for the employee to find the extension they're looking for directly on the face of the phone. If the workplace is quiet enough for an intercom to be effective that's also an option.

3. Internal Networking and Chat Platforms

If you're working in an office where most of the work is done on computers, it may be best to skip the phone correspondence in favor of live chat and email. Of course, if the manager doesn't respond quickly via chat and it's an urgent matter then the employee could resort to using the phone. Such platforms can also come in the form of mobile apps to make communication easier when you're mobile or out in the field.

4. Posting a Main Listing of Manager Phone Numbers

If you don't have phones that contain small number directory cards built-in, try to post manager phone numbers, extensions, email addresses, and any other relevant contact info on a bulletin board in an easily accessible spot. That way, employees will always have a backup they can turn to if they can't reach the manager they were trying to contact initially.

The Importance of Adequate Co-Worker Communication

Communication lapses can cause serious mishaps that result in customers being dissatisfied and possibly even employees losing their jobs, depending on the severity of the situation. Even in a best case scenario, poor communication will inevitably disrupt workflow and hinder overall productivity. Instead of relying on the old-fashioned technique of having employees physically find their managers, why not heed the tips above to maintain expedited and simplified communication at all times.

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