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How to Persuade Your Boss to Fund Your Training

June 22 2016 - Education and training is essential if you want to progress your career, but it can be expensive. The problem is that if you do not keep up with skills training you run the risk of falling behind your peers.

Larger organizations are more inclined to send their employees on company funded training courses. 6 Sigma training from is popular with big corporations because they see the benefits almost immediately, but if you work for a smaller company, you might find it harder to persuade them to cover the cost of education and training. If this is the case, here are some tips to help convince your employer to pay.

Choose the Right Course

Before you approach your boss or HR manager, you need to have a clear idea of what training you need and why. Begin by researching possible courses. Think about how they will benefit you and the company. Perhaps your job has changed over the last few years and a recent qualification has been introduced, or maybe your skills need a refresh. Next, research course providers and work out whether you can study online or via distance learning, or you need to attend a local college or university.

Compile a List of How the Company Will Benefit

Your boss will want to know your education benefits him, so be prepared to produce a list. The list could include the following:

  • You will be more productive. If your boss seems skeptical, remind him of the important research carried out by Nobel Prize winning Gary Becker, whose work "Human Capital Theory" proved that higher education increased productivity.
  • You can take on leadership roles within the company.
  • You can act as a mentor for new employees.
  • Your new skills will help you to generate new revenue for the company, which will increase the bottom line. Of all the reasons, this one is likely to be of most interest to your boss, to labor the point.

Be Ready to Address Concerns

Most bosses will have some concerns. It is only natural, especially if the course you are interested in requires time away from the workplace and a significant financial outlay for the company. Be sure to address all concerns in a confident and open way.

  • The 'time away from work' issue can be addressed by taking online or evening classes, so you complete all work in your own time and studying does not impact on your hours at the office.
  • Cost issues can be addressed by reminding your boss that the expense of hiring a new employee and training them up is likely to be a lot higher than retaining and training you.

If you present your arguments in a clear, rational manner, it should not be too difficult to persuade your boss that training and education is of huge benefit to both of you.

Education is always a sound investment, but if your boss is reluctant to pay for it, do not give up. Instead, come back in a couple of months and make your case again.

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