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The Ins and Outs for Packaging for Your Business

March 5 2024 - Owning a business and being able to make your own products or offer your own services can be very fulfilling. You're bringing that little bit of you into the world, and sharing it with others is such an important part of it all.

That said, to create the experience you want people to receive, you have to focus on the nitty gritty details to make sure everything comes together as you've envisioned it. One of these key details is packaging. This piece is going to take a look at all the parts that create the best packaging for your business.

It Needs to Protect Your Product

To get your product from A to B in one piece, it needs to be protected, and this should be the packaging's utmost goal. There's little point shipping an item if it isn't going to get to the recipient in its original condition.

Of course, what you're selling will depend on what packaging you choose, and what protective factors you need. Not only this, but you'll also need to have a trusted shipping company in place who will treat your items like gold. Take a look at a company like Shiply to get some quotes.

It Enhances Brand Awareness

The useful thing about packaging is that even though others can't see what's inside, you can use this opportunity to promote your brand. You can do this by using your logo, choosing a signature color that stands out, or decorating the packaging in any way you like. Custom packaging is becoming more and more popular, especially with "unboxing" videos. Customers are looking for an experience now rather than just an item, and packaging can feed a long way into this.

It Needs to be Factored into Your Budget

Packaging and shipping can get expensive, especially if you're looking to go all out. It's important to factor everything into your budget, so it doesn't eat into your profit margins. This includes everything from the small labels and finishing touches, to the boxes or bubble envelopes, and the couriers you use to ship your products.

Many customers prefer to purchase items when there's free postage and packaging and can be put off if there's an additional fee. It can be worth increasing the price of your product to factor in the packaging and postage and then setting the P&P as free. Try both and see if there's any clear preference from your target audience.

Make it Recyclable

The ecofriendly movement is nothing new, and many people will continue to be on the lookout for companies who take looking after the environment seriously. For some people, this can even be a deal-breaker when they're making a purchase.

This is worth considering when you're choosing the right packaging for your business, how you want it to look, and also whether it aligns with your brand's ethos, too.

These are just a couple of points that you can think about when it comes to your business's packaging.


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