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How to Get SAFe Certified: The Only Guide You Need

SAFe Certified

April 7 2020 - In this rapidly growing entrepreneurial age, leading a successful business is a top priority. Whether you're a business owner, the CEO of a company, a project manager, software developer, engineer, architect, lawyer, director, team leader or training officer, getting SAFe certified is your gateway to a successful business.

This is not just another certificate to add to your list of achievements. With endless certification programs out there today, people are stacking trophies like more is better. In reality, more is messy in business.

The more certifications you have, the messier your focus. SAFe agile training cuts to the core of business strategy.

If you've ever heard the term, work smarter, not harder, this is your program. SAFe certification is the achievement to be gunning for. If you're a true trailblazer of business, it's likely you know this to be true already.

Here's why.

What Is SAFe?

SAFe stands for Scaled Agile Framework. It's an in-depth training program that's helped half a million business leaders through Agile Software Development. By studying the latest market trends, SAFe programs give structure to operating your best business.

The SAFe program upholds 12 principles. They're based on efficiency when it comes to customer satisfaction, top-quality products, and self-organized teams. The Agile Manifesto provides a method for SAFe certified industry leaders, which holds the following four values.

  1. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  2. Working software over comprehensive documentation
  3. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  4. Responding to change over following a plan

Ultimately, SAFe certification means owning an agile business. The philosophy is based upon the definition of agile, meaning quick, nimble and spry. When using agility as a business model, you can expect the outcome to be exactly that, in spades.

Benefits of Getting SAFe Certified

If you're a business leader, you must expect to compete with the best. Besides running a business, you have to manage a team, monitor your competition and have a  thorough understanding of the industry. SAFe certification training best equips you with the tools to do it all.

How you run your business reflects how you live your life. That said, getting SAFe agile training won't only grow your business, but it'll serve you as a person.

A Lean-Agile transformation will provide leadership and specialized training courses, resulting in the following long-lasting benefits.

Getting SAFe certified:

  1. Authorizes your business
  2. Teaches critical business skills
  3. Provides a successful business model
  4. Serves as education for business strategy
  5. Fosters networking connections to SAFe certified leaders everywhere
  6. Offers a strong value system as the backbone for your business
  7. Allows ongoing access to SAFe resources
  8. Ensures optimal success

For all the benefits the SAFe certification training provides, going without it means owning a business without these things. SAFe certification is a worthwhile investment in your business, yourself and your life.

How Do I Get SAFe Certified?

No matter your business focus, whether it be technology, health and fitness, education or psychology, SAFe agile training can help you. With such widespread interest in SAFe certification, industry trailblazers are able to easily certify online.

These live online training courses make it simple to obtain the SAFe certification online from the comfort of your home. Connect with expert global industry leaders for individual and group sessions to learn what it means to run a lean enterprise.

Depending on your business, you'll find specialized online courses fit for your field. Not only will you learn the SAFe principles and values, but you'll learn how to implement them into your business successfully.

Ultimately, there's no way to not benefit from these life-enhancing courses. SAFe certified leaders even wind up leading their own SAFe agile trainings further down the road.

If you're an entrepreneur or a go-getter, the concept of "uncapped potential" fuels you. You know that not even the sky is the limit.  Getting SAFe certified makes sure of that.

SAFe Certification Requirements

The SAFe certification requires at least five years of experience in software development or like fields. It's also advised to have an understanding of Scrum, or the product development process.

If you're good to go from there, here are your need-to-knows about getting SAFe certified.

  • The test is multiple-choice, 90 minutes for 45 questions and closed-book
  • You must score a 75% for the SAFe 4 Agilist Exam, or 34 out of 45 questions correctly
  • The SAFe certification cost is included in your registration fee
    • All retake attempts are $50
    • Your second retake can be done immediately
    • Your third retake must wait 10 days
    • Your fourth retake must wait 30 days

Like any certification program, it's an undertaking. Regardless, study up and crush it the first time! The SAFe certification is founded upon success; it's literally made for you to succeed.

SAFe Training Transformation

Do you strive to be the best of the best? Consider SAFe certification training to be the ultimate workout for your business. Just as you work out your body to train for life's adversity, SAFe agile training makes the workplace work.

For those spearheading the business industry, SAFe certification won't be an uphill battle, rather, it'll be the right next step.

SAFe agile training offers different courses with varying levels and content. Certain courses like leading SAFe, agile software engineering, and implementing SAFe are standard. Others may include advanced options for you to up your own game!

You are in control of your own growth. Getting SAFe certified simply provides options for how to customize your own level of success. On top of that, what's cooler than being a certified Agilist?

Get Smart, Get SAFe Certified

Anything that's built upon a manifesto is bound to have a strong foundation. No more shooting in the dark with business strategies, or flailing aimlessly as an entrepreneur.

Getting SAFe certified is for the top industry leaders; the driven, the insatiable, those ready to take their business to the next level.

If you're nervous, that means you're ready. Consider what adopting your own agile mindset would do for you and your business. How might you become quicker, more efficient, and therefore more effective?

Bring your questions and your hunger for success. Your SAFe network awaits you.

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