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Signs your business requires a new HR strategy

April 29 2022 - When thinking about how to make your business as effective as possible, having a comprehensive HR strategy is essential in making sure your staff are firing on all cylinders. After all, how can your business be in the best shape possible if the needs and requirements of staff arenít being given the attention they deserve?

This being said, having your employees happy, healthy and productive isnít the only benefit to be had from an effective HR strategy. Multiple areas across your business such as recruitment and employee retention can be boosted through the identification of measurable and actionable factors, which can then be easily analyzed and utilized for future improvement.

Whether youíre simply looking to generally optimize your businessís strategy or have a feeling that your HR strategy specifically is in need of reform, you can read on to find out more about the telltale signs your HR could do with improvement.


One of the first signs that the HR at your business needs a revamp is the widespread presence of disorganization within daily operations.

In order to optimize your businessís output, all operations should be as easy to carry out as possible, which requires having stress-free access to all files, calendars and employee information - this way, time is spent meeting your businessís goals, rather than pushing through clumsy processes.

Disorganization will also impact operations negatively if there is confusion regarding shift patterns and rotas - if employees are mistakenly missing shifts and leaving the rest of the team under pressure, this is often a sign that you need a clearer scheduling system that is both accessible and easy to use.

High Employee Turnover

Not only is having effective HR about ensuring business processes are organized and efficient, but also about ensuring employees are being enabled to do their jobs as well as possible. If youíre experiencing high turnover at your company despite having competitive pay, it could be because employees feel this isnít being done.

Especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an increased focus on the mental health of employees, and an acknowledgement that employee wellbeing is absolutely worth investing time and resources into as it is more than returned in higher productivity.

Having an effective HR system will ensure that there are processes in place for employees to come forward and receive help if theyíre struggling mentally, as well as making sure that booking time off for holiday and illness is easy to do.

Youíre spending too much time on HR

While itís important to spend time getting your HR strategy right, managing your HR shouldnít be taking time away from other important endeavors - your HR is what can enable your business to succeed, but it cannot be too resource intensive.

As mentioned previously, disorganization could be a prominent cause of slow processes - especially if your HR is still completed using paper and physical files. The difference between using physical files and a 1TB Laptop is the equivalent of hours of valuable business time.

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