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How to Choose an Attorney for Business Litigation: Things to Know

How to Choose an Attorney for Business Litigation

August 20 2019 - Many business owners underestimate the importance of having an attorney on their team.

They might assume that, as long as they're keeping everything above board, they'll never need to hire an attorney. That's definitely not the case, though.

An attorney is one of the most important people business owners can hire to help them navigate the ups and downs of the business world with ease.

If you want to hire an attorney but aren't sure how to find the right one, keep reading. Listed below are six tips that will help you learn how to choose an attorney to help with business litigation.

Reasons to Hire a Business Attorney

There are lots of benefits that business attorneys have to offer. No matter what large or small your business is, here are some of the main reasons why you ought to hire an attorney sooner rather than later:

Get Expert Business Advice

A business litigation attorney will have a lot of insight into the world of running a business. They might even be a business owner themselves, depending on whether or not they own their own law firm.

Either way, hiring a business attorney gives you access to a lot of unique and beneficial business advice. You also get to enjoy this advice without having to worry about covering all the expenses that come with hiring a new employee or working with a consultant.

Develop Relationships with Other Professionals

Attorneys often have relationships with a wide range of professionals, from accountants to other business owners.

If you're looking to grow your own professional network and aren't sure where to begin, working with an attorney can give you access to individuals you might not have ever known otherwise.


Educate Yourself on Business Law

Having an attorney on your side will make it much easier for you to learn the basics of business law and understand the laws that are most applicable to your business.

If you don't have the time to teach yourself the ins and outs of the law, work with an attorney who has spent years learning them and can relay the most important pieces of information to you.


Establish Smart Relationships

An attorney can help you determine whether or not you're entering into a smart business relationship. They're an objective third-party who has your best interests and the best interests of your business at heart.

They will help you decide if it's worth it to pair up with a particular business or work with a specific individual, and they can be very useful when it comes to avoiding risky partnerships that could have a negative impact on your business's success.

Ensure You're Following the Law at All Times

Of course, having an attorney on board will help you ensure everything you do is in accordance with the law.

Ignorance is not an excuse. In the event that your business gets taken to court over a particular issue, claiming that you didn't know any better will not get you out of trouble.

It's better to avoid these issues altogether by having a knowledgeable and experienced attorney working with you and helping avoid problematic decisions.

How to Choose an Attorney

Okay, you're convinced that you need to hire an attorney for your business. How do you make sure you're hiring the best attorney possible, though?

The following tips will help you find the perfect person for the job:

Consider Their Experience

Start by evaluating each candidate based on their experience.

How long have they been practicing law? How long have they worked as a business litigation attorney, specifically?

Find out, too, how much experience they have working with businesses like yours or helping with cases like the one you're facing.

Find Out About Their Fee Schedule

Business attorneys have lots of different ways in which they charge for their services. They might require a flat fee, for example, or they may charge an hourly rate for their services.

Make sure you know how the attorney you're considering charges you for their time and how much they charge. Then, make sure you can fit their fees into your business's total budget.

Ask the Right Questions

Before you decide to hire a particular attorney, call their office and arrange for a consultation. Most attorneys offer free consultations to help you get to know them and learn more about their services.

During the consultation, be sure to ask about the basics like their experience and their fee schedule. Dig a little deeper, though, to make sure they're the right fit for you.

Do they have anyone else who will work with them on your cases? How do they communicate with their clients? How fast are they at returning calls or emails?

Don't be afraid to ask these questions to help you know for certain that it's worth it for you to hire them.

Ask About Their Approach

Be sure to also ask about their approach to different types of legal matters.

For example, when they're facing a potential  criminal justice issue, do they feel confident handling it themselves? Would they refer you to another attorney in their network who is more skilled in these cases?


Every attorney has a different way that they approach business litigation and other legal issues. Make sure you're comfortable with and have confidence in this attorney's unique approach before you agree to bring them on as part of your team.

Hire the Right Attorney Today

Now that you know how to choose an attorney to help with all your business litigation needs, it's time to begin your search.

Keep these tips in mind to find someone who has the qualifications and experience necessary to represent your business and help you handle all legal matters with ease.

Do you need more help finding an attorney in your area? If so, check out some of our other hiring-related articles today.

These articles will tell you more about the characteristics you ought to look for when trying to find someone to help your business.

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