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The Top Career Choices for Steady Employment

January 2 2017 - There are, unfortunately, those careers in a variety of industries that don't last long, mainly because if the economy isn't doing well then it will have an impact on that specific industry. If you are not looking to take a risk when it comes to choosing a career path, and instead you are looking for steady employment throughout the year, every year, then you will want to have a look at some of the careers that offer the most security. Have a look at the top career choices below that will offer you a guaranteed job every year.


The healthcare industry is massive and as it is a government based industry, you can be sure you are always going to have a job. Sometimes hours can be cut due to budget cuts, but more often than not, they get increased again and you will always have job security over other jobs in the industry. Everybody needs a health checkup now and again, whether it is dental care, eye care, or even surgery, so there are a lot of health problems that ultimately keep health professionals in a job. A clinical nurse specialist and MSN clinical nurse specialist are both jobs that offer steady employment, so they could be considered as good career choices.


Working for the police force isn't a bad career path decision at all, especially with all the benefits that come with it. Of course, it is a dangerous working environment, but it's a job that someone needs to do. With a 0.8% unemployment rate, and an average salary of $74,300 a year, it's a job that offers plenty of security. It's also a job that comes with many benefits in terms of health insurance, dental care, and further career opportunities. Becoming a detective is hard work, but once you are there it offers great career prospects and plenty of benefits when you are retired, so it could be one of the best career choices in the country. You may also find working for the fire departments is also a good wage with career prospects and benefits, steady employment, and little unemployment in each state.

Aerospace Engineer

As an aerospace engineer, you are required to have tougher screening and background checks than a lot of other employees working in different industries, and that's simply because they often work on aerospace projects for national defense. This means that it is often a government based role, and a role that you can guarantee isn't going to end in the near future. Aerospace engineers often earn six figure salaries and plenty of benefits that go with it. The industry itself only has a 0.2% unemployment rate, which just goes to show how high job security is for an aerospace engineer.

The above jobs are just some of the top career choices that offer not only steady employment, but great working environments and salaries to go with it. There are of course many other careers in a variety of industries that offer steady employment, and you will find agriculture workers earn a good salary and have very little unemployment, too.

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