A Life-Changing Injury: How Will It Affect Your Employment?

July 19, 2019 - Some injuries can shrink away over time, but unfortunately, some of us will experience accidents that will shape the rest of our lives. Sometimes that comes as a result of long-standing damage, or the loss of work that comes as a consequence. If you are currently recovering from the effects of an injury, or have to adjust to the damage it has caused, here are a few ways to make the future much brighter.

You may receive temporary benefits

While you are out of action for a while, you may need to rely on a state-funded income if you cannot return to work. This will help to keep you afloat if you cannot immediately return to employment. When your doctor feels it is appropriate for you to return to work, you will need to get what is referred to as a 'Work Status Report' as a way of declaring that you are fit an back to physical health. It's worth noting too that ignoring this could affect any state income you are receiving. It's therefore important that you visit your doctor regularly and are completely clear about how physically fit you are feeling.

A return to work policy

Ideally, your employer will have a comprehensive return to work strategy. A company that invests in its employees should have a procedure in place to help employees return to work safely and gradually. This means that you will be allowed to gradually return to your job in a way that doesn't exhaust you or leave you feeling as if you've been immediately thrown in the deep end. If you are worried about your company's return to work policy, it might be worth contacting them before you return to ask about any measures that they have in place to help employees. Your line-manager or HR department are probably the best two options when asking what the protocol is for injured employees.

Legal implications

If your employer has caused the accident, or your injury will affect your income, you could have a legal case on your hands. If you want to make sure that you are not taken advantage of, or would like to see some form of legal resolution, that it might be wise to invest in a lawyer. If you were based in central Florida, you would want to find a personal injury attorney that is based in the Sunshine State and can help you get an understanding of what you are entitled to. If you think your accident could have been avoided, it is important you take this step.

Returning to work after an injury is never easy - particularly if it has fundamentally changed how you physically feel. How it affects your employment in the long-term will depend on the severity of the injury itself, and what it prevents you from doing. However, understanding how it affects your current situation should be determined by keeping an honest dialogue with both your medical practitioner and your employer.