Executive Perks

October 8 2008 - A recent report from Compdata Surveys shows that cell phones are the most popular executive perks.

The Executive Compensation 2008/2009 survey of 5,300 organizations found that 60.2 percent offered cell phones to executives as a perk with 43.8 percent of employers providing laptops or home PCs in 2008. Fewer than a third of organizations in the survey provided car allowances or company cars.

The report analyzes both national and regional data collected from 5,300 organizations across the United States with almost 25,000 incumbents. 45 executive and senior management positions were analyzed by base pay and total cash compensation.

The frequency of most executive perks on the revenue size of employing organizations but cell phones were offered by over half of the companies surveyed, regardless of size. Company cars were also offered by 20 to 30 percent of surveyed organizations across the board. But businesses with revenues over $20 million were the most likely to provide executives with laptops or home PCs.

Perks mentioned in the survey included:

  • cell phones (60.2%)
  • car allowance (31.3%)
  • company car (26.4%)
  • supplemental life insurance (26.2%)
  • voluntary deferred compensation programs (18.8%)
  • annual physical exam (17.6%)
  • supplemental disability program (16.9%)
  • club membership(s) (15.7%)
  • supplemental executive retirement plans (10.3%)
  • supplemental medical insurance (6.2%)
  • legal counseling (5.6%)
  • post-retirement insurance (4.6%)
  • supplemental vacations (4.5%)
  • airline VIP lounge membership (3.1%)
  • dependent tuition reimbursement (3.3%)

The number of organizations offering each kind of executive perk has remained consistent over the past four years.

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