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How you can prevent accidents happening in the workplace

March 23 2022 - As a business owner, there are ways that you can seriously reduce the risk of any accidents taking place in the workplace, and if you’re careful, you may even end up saving the lives of those that are involved if they find themselves in a life-threatening situation.

Employee training

It is highly prudent that you train all your employees to ensure that they not only know what they are doing at your business but also know how to operate any hardware or machinery that they may have to use within their everyday working lives.

Keeping a note of all the training given to whom, and when - and making sure it’s signed by the employee to say that they understand what they have been shown - will provide your business with proof of training. It is also a very good idea to teach your employees what will happen if accidents take place due to misuse of any of the equipment that they have been trained to use.

There are many unresponsible employees in this world; indeed, the internet is full of videos of them hurting themselves and others while playing around in the workplace. It is important that you protect your business against incidents that can arise from such antics.

Enforce procedures

In saying that it is a particularly good idea to have company procedures put in place, this is not just to say how work should be carried out but also how your employees should behave when they are on-site, as well as what they should do if there is an accident or if your premises have to be evacuated at short notice.

The procedures should be put in place not only to protect your employees’ health but also to protect your business from any litigation that your employees may feel they can take against your business. Indeed, there are many reasons to hire a civil litigation attorney in California; sometimes, it is wise to err on the side of caution and have a chosen attorney’s details close at hand.

Have a health and safety officer on site

Although having a health and safety officer on your payroll will not stop all accidents happening on your work premises, it may actually cut down the chances of it happening. Your health and safety officer needn’t just be that; they can perform other roles within the company while making sure that your business conforms to any safety regulations that your state may have. Them being on-site may very well cut down the occurrences of bad behavior within your workforce.

You may also find it highly beneficial to have first aiders working among your staff members so that if there is an accident or someone requires help, there is someone that is trained and able to administer first aid until an ambulance arrives and the ambulance staff can take over. It is a well-known fact that having a first aider first on the scene of an accident or an incident can save a life.

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