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Tips on Managing Ex-pat Employees Working Abroad

August 5 2021 - If your company has ex-pat employees working away from their home country, itís important to make them feel welcome. In this guide, you will learn nine tips on managing expatriate employees working abroad.

Donít just focus on work

You must remember that ex-pats sometimes feel isolated when they first arrive in a new country, so try to be empathetic towards this fact. They may not enjoy the food or the local activities as much as you expect them to. You could help them to acclimatize by organizing out-of-work activities and meeting with their families.

Speak to them about the local culture

It is important for ex-pats to understand the local culture. To help your employees to do this, you could give them a tour of the area and explain why itís important for them to learn about their new home. You could also organize a welcome week where they can meet other ex-pat families and make friends in the area.

Repatriation package

Make sure that your company offers repatriation packages for overseas staff members who are ready to return home after working abroad. These packages should include everything from travel expenses back to home country, healthcare benefits, and severance pay.

Choose your expatriate employees wisely

It is important for companies to choose their ex-pat employees wisely. They should choose people who are experienced with the international business market and will benefit from working abroad. Your best bet would be to employ high-level workers or senior executives that can help your company grow on a global scale by working and living in different countries.

Help with socializing

It can be difficult for ex-pats to make friends when they first arrive in a new country, so it is best to help them as much as possible. You could arrange meetings with other ex-pat families at their homes, and you should also provide them with a local mobile phone so that they are easy to contact during the day.

Help with accommodation

You will need to find accommodation for your ex-pat employees that makes them feel comfortable. You could take them on a trip around the area so that they can see which areas of town would suit their needs best.

Language learning

If an ex-pat employee canít speak the local language, you should help them to learn. You could send your employees on a language course, or you could even arrange for them to have a tutor. Also, provide them with access to tools like localization software to help them translate documents.

Think about healthcare

When it comes to healthcare, you may want to think about what you are willing to cover. If an ex-pat employee is planning on traveling with their family, they may need a private practice that will give them medical insurance while abroad.

Consider the family

You should think about the families of expatriate employees, especially if they are planning to travel with them. You could organize a welcome meeting where you can explain the benefits and drawbacks of living in your country. Also, do not forget that most embassies have schools in their countries for international children.

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