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How to Select High-Performing Staff in the Workplace

June 21 2023 - It is widely recognized that one of the key factors in the success of any business is having teams of high-performing staff. Any business can have well-planned goals and a clear direction of the next steps it plans to take, but without a high caliber workforce, the quality of work will not be to the standard that is required. Across an organization, dedicated staff members, senior managers, and leaders can inspire the whole workforce. Their strong work ethics and the ability to find elegant solutions to problems, along with more efficient working methods, can be a key indicator of business success. However, during the selection process, it is vitally important to ensure that your preferred candidates can demonstrate the qualities that are required in your organization. Academic achievements and qualifications can indicate the skill set that potential new starters have, but their personality and mindsets will play a greater role in how they approach tasks and communicate with other teammates. In this article, there will be a discussion on effective ways to select high-performing staff and information on desired personality traits.

A note on selection methods

Most corporate recruitment processes start with a job advert being posted online. Today, there are a wide range of free job advertising sites that can help businesses find suitable candidates while keeping the costs down in this part of the recruitment process. After a suitable number of CVs and cover letters have been received, the company can begin the shortlisting process. Ideally, there will be a pool of candidates who meet the basic job criteria and can then be invited to a first-stage interview. It can be beneficial to conduct these interviews online to save time, money, and travel costs. The benefits of Microsoft Teams phone/ rooms in recruitment are now well understood across most business sectors. This technology allows both individual meetings and team-based assessments to take place in a virtual space before the final shortlisted candidates can be decided on.

Staff must be able to challenge

While it may sound ideal to have many highly agreeable staff members who concur with the ideas and opinions of other workers, this can be detrimental to an organization's future direction and success. Put simply, "yes men" hinder innovation and limit creativity in teams. It is far better to have staff who are confident to challenge ideas and decisions while being able to offer alternative methods or solutions. This can ensure that ideas are not blindly followed without question and a diverse range of viewpoints can be explored before deciding on agreed plans.

MBTI personality types

As a brief final point, it should be recognized that a diverse range of personality types is hugely beneficial in any business to cultivate new ways of working and give a broader view of how challenges can be solved. The MBTI personality test is one of the leading ways in which businesses understand their workforce and is an instrumental way to create mixed teams that look at problems or tasks from many different angles. The test gives an accurate psychological profile of employees, and this information can be used to create high-performing teams and as the basis for personal development opportunities. In short, having a deep understanding of the various personalities in your teams can allow you to select suitable staff for various roles and ensure that projects benefit from multiple viewpoints.

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