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Employee Tips 101: How to Check Your Criminal Record before Your Employer Does

Nowadays, employers insist on doing background checks on all new employees. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of background checks that have already been conducted in the past decade. And these days, almost every employer out there is in need of employees who have a clean record and of course wants nothing to do with those who have a tainted (criminal) one.

Some of the jobs that might demand a criminal record include those in which you will be dealing with vulnerable adults, children, national security matters, bank and financial sector, etc. Therefore, as the employee, it is important that you check your own record before your potential employer (employers) does.

Although what appears in your record will not determine whether you are fit for the job or not, whether you can be given a chance or not or in some cases whether you get to keep your job or not, it is important that you stay informed of how your criminal record is. Therefore, here are some helpful tips that could help you get ahead of the game. Depending on the job you are applying or have applied for, here are two important ways of finding out how your criminal record is.

1. Basic background check - There are different avenues available online that can help you check your records. If truth be told, basic criminal record checks or a DBS checksis mandatory to most employers because it is the best background check that highlights any unspent convictions. By finding an online criminal background checker, you will receive your record email notification in 4-10 working days.

2. Enhanced criminal record check - If you have been caught up in a scandal before, then chances are that your criminal record is not clean. But knowing that your criminal record is not clean is not enough; you need to see the record yourself to understand how deep the cut is. Therefore, carry out an enhanced background check just to be sure that your potential employers won't slap incriminating information that you are not aware of straight to your face.

By so doing, you will prepare yourself on how to handle questions from your employer about the crime (or crimes). This will also help you explain any discrepancies or inaccuracies that might appear in your record.

Advantages of paid online background criminal checks

The process is faster - You can check your criminal record with the police but trust and believe that this process will be exhausting and time consuming. To save you the trouble, it is best that you find an online tool that will help you check your records faster with just a single search.

The process is thorough - With a manual search, it is possible for you to leave out some information that might incriminate you in future. Therefore, to ensure that you find all the information reflecting in your criminal record, it would be best if you did your criminal record checks online.

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