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12 Employee Feedback Tools to Enhance Employee Experience

By Regi Publico

Employee feedback tools

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July 14 2021 - Employees are the pulse and valuable assets of an organization. They are the key to success and can make or break the working environment. Hence, the best way to track employee development is by continuous employee feedback which is a great help for a team or an organization to perform better. A simple feedback from one employee may be a survival guide for another.

While it's true that every employer aims for their employees to be satisfied and content, it's not at all easy due to the rapidly changing dynamics in the feedback process. The management team is obliged to conduct employee health checks and leverage their understanding on how their employees feel towards the organization. This can be done using the right survey questions and the right employee feedback tool.

An employee feedback tool uses surveys as the voice of the employees and speaks about the overall employee productivity and various interactions during their stay with the company. By conducting an employee assessment via survey platforms, organizations find it easy to determine the factors which satisfies employee experience and what needs to be improved to help employees stay longer. Employee experience surveys are very essential in measuring organizational imbalances because they show the lapses and point at people responsible for such imbalances.

This article provides insights on the best employee feedback tools and it's on you to pick which one fits your company.

  1. HR Cloud - this is an employee experience platform which is used to rethink communication, engagement, recognition and rewards, and so much more. This is a powerful and comprehensive HR solution which delivers all the tools needed to manage the entire employee lifecycle. This tool enables employees to share how they feel through surveys and they can also criticize survey results.

  2. SoGoEX - this platform helps in overcoming hindrances in gathering quality data for employee improvement. It is a powerful online employee experience survey tool that provides end-to-end employee experience management from day one until the end of the employee's journey.

  3. 15Five - this is an employee improvement management tool that focuses more on the organization's people. 15Five because employees are given 15 minutes to provide feedback and the employer should respond within five minutes only. This platform is efficient because employee's challenges are exposed in 15 minutes and it should only take 5 minutes to make better decisions to drive productivity and growth.

  4. TinyPulse - this platform is for managers who care for their employees. Aside from producing real time feedback from employees, it is easier to make a root cause analysis of an issue and keep conversations anonymous. Managers can also identify top performers through data and insights, send thank you notes and gift cards.

  5. Kazoo - you can embrace workforce development, give your employees a voice, and create an employee-centric culture with this platform. The simple interface and straightforward dashboard lets you track employee activities faster such as the top and bottom performers.

  6. Energage - this tool is often used to collect feedback, employee communication, employer branding and regular coaching. After assessing the employees, you can follow up with them based on the information you collected then align their needs to the company.

  7. Reflektive - this is a software which helps in building a high-yielding employee culture with performance data, employee engagement, and accurate analysis. Sharing of goals, tracking progress and early detection of issues within an organization is the main focus of this platform. Team and individual goals can be created by the managers then incorporate the organizational matrix to each goal for growth and improvement.

  8. 7Geese - an employee-first tool that helps in goal management, performance reviews and career goal setting for employees. Align easy goals with strategic objectives from the bottom to top approach. It is a flexible and customizable tracking mechanism which gives transparency in data and compliments your company processes.

  9. Emplify - an employment improvement platform which allows managers to set assessments and offer timely coaching for employees. It also guides top-level executives and senior-level teams to assist people in their team.

  10. Motivosity - a modern-day platform which approaches employees in four parts: connect, recognize, lead, and listen. Motivosity helps in connecting team members, appreciating employees in public, training managers to grow into leaders, and listening to employee sentiments leading to a motivated and engaged workplace.

  11. Peakon - an employee data platform that connects teams across geographies and provides actionable insights in transforming business. It also helps in improving output, managing business performance and employee retention from onboarding to exit. You can also provide insight to upcoming managers and train them to become future leaders.

  12. Culture Amp - this platform provides employees with a three-layer interconnected feedback approach - engagement, performance, and retention which takes employee experience to the next level. Training modules based on the top-performing employee lifecycle can be created setting the right examples across the team. What more, you can make segmented data to evaluate employee's performance and document all the feedback and conversation for easy future references.

Employee feedback is vital in enhancing employee experience. It is the key in reducing employee attrition and the main ingredient in improving employee satisfaction. Employee experience is enhanced when employees feel happy, safe, and motivated at the workplace. Hence, you need to continuously care for your employees and promote a positive company culture to get full marks on employee experience. You can pick the best one from the choices I presented above.

About the author

Regi Publico is a full-time writer based in Manila who is also an artist for fun. She takes pride in her towering collection of books and loves reading about anything under the sun. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge through every article that she writes.

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