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The Importance of Real-Time Data In Business
January 16 2024 - Business landscapes are evolving at an unprecedented pace, and organizations that harness real-time data gain a significant advantage.

A Simple Guide to Heightening Business Security
September 17 2023 - In the modern world, unfortunately, in the minds of many, technology is part and parcel of most people's personal and professional lives.

The Future of HR: How Tech is Reshaping Human Resources
September 17 2023 - As HR continues to evolve in the face of technological advancement, those who adapt and leverage these changes will lead the way.

How to bring your HR department into the future
May 10 2023 - If your HR team is still languishing in the past, it is certainly going to be important that you do something about it sooner rather than later.

Understanding the Importance of Document Management in HR
December 28 2022 - When it comes to navigating employee and organizational needs, one of an HR pro’s most important tools is effective document management.

How to find software solutions that make HR management easier
December 14 2022 - Some of the heavy lifting can be done by various software packages, so you can concentrate on the issues that require a human touch.

Managing Distributed Development Teams: Traps, Bottlenecks, and Tips to Succeed
November 25 2022 - With the distributed development team's dispersed organizational structure, you have several coexisting teams where team members communicate virtually to work together.

Why Become a Lean Six Sigma Organization?
October 11 2022 - Looking for ways to improve your business processes and deliver a stellar customer experience? Explore the benefits of becoming a lean six sigma organization.

5 Key Things to Consider When Choosing a Low Code App Development Platform
September 27 2022 - Choosing the right low code app development platform for your project is crucial to its success. So, keep reading for five things to consider when deciding.

A Look at MS Teams Planner Kanban
July 20 2022 - In any organization’s setup, working as a team is key; especially for those team members working from remote locations.

Is the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Worth It? Yes, and Here’s Why
February 4 2022 - Have you heard of the Lean Six Sigma yellow belt and are you wondering if it's really worth it? Keep reading and learn more here.

How software can improve your Human Resources services
November 24 2021 - The task of looking after the onboarding and ongoing management of employees and their worries or grievances can be made considerably easier by integrating software into your operations.

Data Security Best Practices For Your HR Team
November 5 2021 - Data security is not just the duty of your IT group, or your security personnel. Everyone has the responsibility of keeping all manner of data secure.

12 Employee Feedback Tools to Enhance Employee Experience
July 14 2021 - This article provides insights on the best employee feedback tools.

Avaya Spaces Helps HR Training Entrepreneur Level-Up in a New Reality
May 30 2021 - Training can be successfully done without being physically in the same room as the trainees.

Reset: Data Reporting 2.0
May 24 2021 - The powers of visual reporting and how businesses can unleash data-driven insights through the evolution of data reporting.

Data Loss Prevention Tips Every Business Owner Must Know
May 21 2021 - As a business, one of the most important responsibilities you have to your customers is to protect their data.

Tapping into the HR Data Goldmine
March 29 2021 - Organizations across the globe are beginning to invest heavily in programmes, platforms and tools that leverage HR data for all elements of the workforce.

Allowing data to untap the potential of the hybrid workforce
March 22 2021 - Why data and technology are essential to make the hybrid working model a success.

Now is the time to support new skills development in preparation for 5G
March 14 2021 - While many companies see 5G as a vital technology for their future success, most currently lack the workforce skills and expertise to begin reaping the benefits.

Keeping the world’s workforce employable in the era of Industry 4.0
January 14 2021 - We must focus on enhancing a very different human instinct - adaptation - to move forward. It is a constant trait of humankind that allows us to thrive and remain resilient, even in the event of sudden changes in the environment.

Best tools to help kickstart your recruiting business
June 10 2020 - In this article, we are going to list out a few cost-effective software to help you streamline your recruiting process and be more productive.

Human Resources Technology: How to Modernize in 2020
May 22 2020 - With simple software, programs, and data processing, you'll be able to develop a firmer grip over your HR issues, leading your business to better results in 2020 and beyond.

5 Best Project Management Software To Improve Employee Engagement
April 17 2020 - Are you having a hard time with employee engagement? Choose from the best project management software for employee engagement and get past all the troubles.

Human Resources Upgrades in 2020: Your Short Guide
February 26 2020 - These four areas of focus will help to level up your HR department, making it fit for purpose for the future of work in 2020 and beyond.

The Essential HR Tech Trends in 2020
February 26 2020 - If your HR team is still using the same methods they used in 2019, here are the essential tech trends that they are missing out on.

The Importance of Human Resource Information Systems and Technology
February 22 2020 - Are you looking to improve recruiting processes, applicant tracking and more? This article breaks down the importance of human resource information systems.

The Best CRM Software Tools: Everything You Should Know
December 22 2019 - There are several customer relationship management software tools that you should know about. Check out our list of great softwares here.

How to Buy the Best Laptop Stand for Your Personal Needs
October 5 2019 - Are you looking to buy the best laptop stand for your needs? Click here for a complete buyers guide to show you how to buy the perfect laptop stand!

Why Your Company Needs a Private Employee Website
July 20 2019 - A private website or a membership area offers the ability to cultivate a thriving culture at your business.

AI in HR: why technology is not enough
July 10 2019 - The use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in HR does not always get a fair hearing. However, it is not always well implemented. AI is not a replacement for HR professionals.

Using Technology in the Workplace: A guide
June 4 2019 - Technology is used in a variety of ways in the workplace.

Is Your HR Department Up To Date?
May 24 2019 - Human Resources is one of the most important arms of business and will have a direct impact on the success of the company.

How HR Professionals Use Technology To Their Advantage
May 10 2019 - With advancements in technology, it should come as no surprise that the field of HR has been dramatically impacted.

14 Top-Rated Project Management Solutions to Improve HR Employee Effectiveness
March 26 2019 - There are many reliable project management solutions for HRs to put together teams, improving employees effectiveness.

How Darth Vader Chooses His HR Software
March 28 2017 - A commander with such prestige can surely teach us about people management.

Can software make better hiring decisions than people?
August 6 2014 - A new breed of software claims to be able to select employees who perform better.


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