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Best tools to help kickstart your recruiting business

June 10 2020 - If you are an agency recruiter, being inundated with a thousand things is not something you are alien to. Recruiters struggle to keep up with the times and task overload which can lead to leakages in your pipeline and ultimately hurt your billings.

As a recruiting agency, your biggest resource is your own time. You want to make sure that you spend your time on doing high-value things that lead to billings and not drain yourself in the mountain of admin.

It is wonderful that we live in an era of "There's an app for that!" In this article, we are going to list out a few cost-effective software to help you streamline your recruiting process and be more productive.

Recruitment Agency Software

First things first, invest in a great recruiting agency software like Recruiterflow. The same category of the software is called Agency ATS or ATS+CRM in the marketplace. However, roughly they all translate to mean the same thing. A recruiting agency software is a central repository of your database and a single source of truth for your recruiting and business development efforts. A modern cloud-based recruiting agency software can help you streamline your hiring process. Truly great software can even automate some parts of your recruiting process. Broadly speaking, here's what your choice of recruiting agency software should do for you.

  • Pipeline Management: The most important thing it can do is easily manage your candidate and client pipeline and keep all candidate data in one place making it possible for you to create a single source of truth.
  • Sourcing/Prospecting: Modern recruitment has a huge social sourcing component to it. A modern recruiting agency software should help you source candidates with ease. Look for sourcing tools that work on social platforms like LinkedIn, Github, Stack Overflow & Angelist.
  • Job Posting: One of the fastest and most reliable ways to fill up your pipeline is to post jobs on different job boards. Make sure your recruiting agency software can post jobs on different job boards relevant to you.
  • Recruiting Automation: Recruiterflow has the capability to automate the recruitment process. It can minimize the tedious repetitive tasks and automate the routine work which helps you to run a streamlined recruiting operation to make the right decisions faster.
  • Recruiting CRM: Engaging with clients and maintaining a positive relationship is important. After all, it is a relationship-driven business. Recruiterflow's CRM capabilities can help you to collaborate with clients and make more placements.
  • Central Repository: Your recruiting agency software will sit in the middle of all the other tools and software that you might use. You want to pick a software that has an open API and integrates with Zapier and a host of other applications. It can quickly become a nightmare to manage if all your data sits in different silos.

Scheduling Software

Scheduling an interview takes 25% of a recruiter's time, if not managed well. Scheduling back and forth will also mean that the candidate or client will lose interest and can affect your conversion rates. That's why you need a seamless scheduling tool. Incorporating a calendar management tool like Calendly in your business can simplify the scheduling process. All you need to do with a calendar scheduling tool is to give a link to your clients and candidates. That way, they can see when your schedule is open and pick a slot that's convenient for them. As soon as they book a slot, you will get a calendar entry and makes the whole process seamless for everyone!

Email Finder

It is important for recruiters to search for candidates who are not looking for jobs to maintain a well-qualified talent pool. When you are looking to reach out to a potential client or a candidate, you need a way to find their contact information. A contact finder can help you to reach out to such passive candidates and there are many tools in the market. Lusha is one of the most popular tools that help you do that.

Productivity Suite

Microsoft 365 and G Suite are considered amongst the best productivity suite out there. A productivity suite will give you cloud hosted emails, calendars, tasks management. What's more is these two tools will also give you access to world-class spreadsheets, presentations, and word editing software.


LinkedIn is the world's largest platform for professional networks and it has become a must-use tool for recruiters. Recruiters are spending their most time on this platform but miss out to use it to its fullest potential. A great way to connect with people on LinkedIn is to join groups and publish posts. LinkedIn groups are pages that connect like-minded professionals and make new contacts. You can use LinkedIn's huge network to attract qualified job seekers for your job posts and use an X-ray search through Google or Bing to effectively search prospects on LinkedIn.

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