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The Essential HR Tech Trends in 2020

February 26 2020 - HR is changing. Organizations with a focus on human resource management are now facing challenges from a variety of directions. With the combination of a shortage of available talent alongside the development of new technologies, the race is on to stay up to date while retaining the human touch that should always be that the core of HR.

As we head further into 2020, forward-thinking HR teams are going to have not only to be aware of the coming challenges but positioning themselves so that they can adapt and then benefit from them. If your HR team is still using the same methods they used in 2019, here are the essential tech trends that they are missing out on.

On-Demand Platforms and the Remote Worker

One of the biggest challenges facing HR teams is the rise of the remote worker. Having seen steady adoption rates, there are now more remote workers than ever before, and that means some unique challenges for HR teams and the businesses that they support. The development of online platforms that allow for on-demand tasks to be more easily delegated is proving to be vital. For those HR teams still using legacy systems and software, the remote worker is going to require a shift in thinking that many brands have not yet factored into their ongoing growth.

The Omnichannel Generations

With millennials entering the workforce in rapid numbers and the slow influx of Gen Z, brands are going to have to focus more on immediacy. These are the generations that have grown up with the internet, and they expect immediate communications wherever they are and whatever platforms they use. This omnichannel approach, as well as the shift from salary goals to experiences, means that HR teams will have little choice but to focus more on employee and business culture. As a result, businesses that hope to stay ahead will need to start making more use of digital transformation to keep those younger generations productive.

The Concept of Transparency

The relationship between managers and employees is changing, and that has worked to accelerate the growing demand for improved transparency. That means HR teams need to know that they are leveraging the right hardware and software for more productive conversations and employee feedback. Already, there are solutions, especially when it comes to the latest project management software essentials. Real-time management is now easier than ever, with the added benefits of big data and more streamlined collaboration options. While transparency is becoming increasingly vital in the B2C relationship, for HR teams, the onus needs to be on the more effective management of employees, as well as creating the work culture that attracts the top talent. By utilizing the latest tech options, HR departments will be able to work more effectively.

2020 is set to be the year that brands either adopt the latest tech trends or start to lose out on the right employees and the right customer services. With the sheer range of digital disruptors on the horizon, as well as the shifting workforce demographics, the human resource department is set to become one of the most important battlegrounds for brands that want to see continued growth as they head into a whole new decade of cutting edge trends and technologies.

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