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A Simple Guide to Heightening Business Security

September 17 2023 - In the modern world, unfortunately, in the minds of many, technology is part and parcel of most people's personal and professional lives. This recent change has also affected how and why a company's security is breached.

With more conventional methods of securing a commercial property, business owners must also be vigilant when it comes to guarding against cybercrime. With this in mind, here is a simple yet comprehensive guide to heightening the security of your business.

Arrange Regular Security Audits

First and foremost, there is frankly no possible way in which a business can do everything it can to protect the data and information of both the business and their customers if they do not conduct full and thorough, regular audits of the security throughout the company.

By far, the easiest and most comprehensive way of conducting such an audit is to hire an exterior company to take a good look around every department, thus resulting in a detailed plan on where the weaknesses and potential hazards lie.

Initiate Two-Factor Authentication

There is an incredibly simple and entirely cost-free way of vastly enhancing the protection against cybercrime and online hackers; this is to choose to enable two-factor authentication companywide.

Two-factor authentication will mean that your costs associated with your help desk and support will drastically reduce, fully compliance with SSO (Single Sign-On Solutions), and you and the rest of your team will also have a sense of mindfulness.

New Identity Cards for Your Workers

Another strongly advisable change to make, and one which will make registration and events such as fire evacuation drills significantly easier, is to issue each member of your staff with high-quality and wearable photo ID cards.

With the additional level of safety and security provided by identity cards and the like, you should also be sure to limit the distribution of keys, both to the entrance of the building itself and the internal doors and storage spaces.

When it comes to accessibility, avoid giving everyone blanket access to the departments they need and instead spend the time devising individual passwords that allow access to the specific areas of the company's mainframe that each person needs.

Make Sure Everything is Backed-Up Regularly

If your company finds itself the victim of a cyber-attack, then along with the devastation and, indeed, likely financial losses associated with the attack, not to mention the reduction in trust from customers and clients, if you have failed to back up your data, this could even spell the end of your business.

This is why it is so crucial always to ensure that everything is safely backed up. A good way to move forward with this doctrine is to follow the '3-2-1 Rule'.

Ensure that every piece of data is copied three times, stored on two different types of media and that there is one copy on the cloud and another off-site. This will give you the peace of mind that your data is secure, and it will not be completely lost if one version of it becomes compromised.

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