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14 Top-Rated Project Management Solutions to Improve HR Employee Effectiveness

By Vartika Kashyap

March 26 2019 - There is no secret that pulling together a team is a challenging mission for HR. The team that works together is a dream team. How can this be achieved easily? The good news is that there are many reliable project management solutions for HRs to put together teams, improving employees effectiveness.

What if you could save hours, optimize processes, and stay connected with your team to get things easily done? Dedicated HR software can help you and your team get organized and make every process efficient. To function optimally, a HR department should have the right tools. Technology today offers a great variety of different software solutions which can improve, automate, and streamline operations and processes. In this article, we will dive into the unique features of HR tools that should be used to meet the productivity needs of businesses.

Let's take a look at these solutions.

1. ProofHub

Good for: Online collaboration & work management
Founded: 2011, Walnut, California, USA
Features: ProofHub is a cloud-based management software to help organizations organize employee data. There are a number of tools on the platform that let you manage timesheets, create custom reports, track leaves and events on calendar, proof documents, convey casual and formal information, share achievements, appreciate a job well done or even give birthday greetings through announcements, schedule interview rounds on kanban, and store documents and stuff, and more. It gives a free trial as well.

2. HireVue

Good for: Simplifying your hiring process
Founded: 2004, Western US
Features: Transforming the way HRs hire and develop talent. HireVue augments human decision-making in the hiring process, combining video interviews with validated I-O science and artificial intelligence. This tool lets make better decisions based on data, modernizes your candidate experience, and augment decisions with science.

3. Workable

Good for: Sourcing and applicant tracking
Founded: 2012, Greater Boston Area, East Coast, New England
Features: An all-in-one recruiting software with applicant tracking and social recruiting functionalities. Workable helps hiring teams, collaborate, applicant tracking, build talent pipelines, recruitment marketing, and communicate with candidates through email templates and scheduling features. Trusted by over 6000 companies to streamline their recruiting.


Good for: Automating work
Founded: 2003, Asia-Pacific (APAC)
Features: KiSSFLOW is a flagship product of OrangeScape, which is a leading B2B Indian tech company offering disruptive SaaS solutions for workflow automation. KiSSFLOW, an online cloud-based workflow automation tool for you to modify workflows and HR processes. The software has 45+ pre-installed apps, or you can create your own. KiSSFLOW's HR tools handle approval workflows for leave requests, vacation requests, timesheet approvals, travel reimbursements, performance appraisals, employee onboarding, and many others. It also integrates seamlessly with other third-party tools, so there are no compatibility issues.

5. Paymo

Good for: Bundles task management, time tracking and invoicing
Founded: 2007, San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US
Features: Paymo's project management software helps team manage projects from start to finish, through their entire life cycle. For over 20 years, they have helped companies who don't have dedicated HR staff. It helps to manage their HR function in all areas including handbooks and policies, employee issues, recruitment, training, and more.

6. Breezy HR

Good for: Modernizing your recruiting process
Founded: 2014, East Coast, Southern US
Features: Breezy HR is another HR management platform aimed at small, medium, and large businesses. The tools take care of your data loss, candidate management, keep track of current employees and streamline communication. It also integrates with your existing hr tools seamlessly, connects seamlessly to platforms like LinkedIn and AngelList to find quality candidates. Breezy includes all the tools you and your team needs and for vetting candidates.

7. TINYPulse

Good for: Measuring employee engagement
Founded: 2012, Greater Seattle Area, West Coast, Western US
Features: Employee engagement requires a culture of recognition and appreciation. TINYpulse is a platform for complete employee experience to improve employee effectiveness as it takes care of onboarding, recognizing, engaging, and performing. Employees can submit their feedback anonymously, responding to questions sent to them each week. Over 1,000 companies use TINYpulse to engage and develop a high-performing team.

8. PeopleApex

Good for: Cloud HR & payroll software
Founded: Mumbai, India,
Features: PeopleApex is a multi-currency and multilingual platform meeting the needs of HR and Payroll compliance across countries. The on-cloud and on-premise solution help in delivering excellent user experience across devices. It offers innovation solution for workforce management, payroll, time & attendance, performance management, recruitment, onboarding, task management, recruitment, and many more.

9. Resource Guru

Good for: Team scheduling
Founded: 2011, European Union (EU)
Features: A fast, simple way to schedule people and other resources online. For all the companies struggling with scheduling the project team efficiently, resource guru is leading the way for increased productivity. It is designed well to keep your team on track of your business. Resource Guru provides optimum visibility for businesses to maximize their schedules. Spend less time, save money.

10. TribeHR

Good for: Manageing human resources
Founded: 2009, Great Lakes
Features: The tool saves all your employee information, shows you trends, and highlights information that will save you money. HR usually face the challenge of people management because it costs a bundle. TribeHR includes features for managing time off, performance evals, efficient resource collection, recruiting, and the all-important employee profile. Using these features, you can make a resourceful culture in your company, making employees happy and efficient. Everything is easy to access and understand.

11. Timetastic

Good for: Replacing spreadsheets
Founded:2014, European Union (EU)
Features: With Timestatic, you get an interactive wall chart that is always up to date. It is super simple staff leave planner used by over 100,000 people to organize their time off work. One paperless way to get rid of forms and spreadsheets. You can better plan your time off making sure your busy periods are properly executed.

12. 15Five

Good for: Employee performance
Founded: 2011, San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US
Features: 15Five is a complete performance management solutions that makes continuous employee feedback simple to drive high performing cultures. The web-based software helps create high performing teams by combining OKRs, pulse surveys, 1-on-1s, peer recognition, and feedback every week. Choose the plan that's right for you to simply create a high performing team.

13. Teamable

Good for: Employee referral
Founded: 2013, San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US
Features: The diverse teams are high peforming teams. Teamable matches best-fit candidates the extended network to your open positions. It simply transforms social networks into high-performance talent pools making it easy for employees to share their connections. You'll be able to optimize referral recruiting to fill those critical roles in teams.

14. Fuze

Good for: Video interviews
Founded: 2006, Greater Boston Area, East Coast, New England
Features: A cloud-based video conferencing solution that connects people across devices. HR can conduct easily video interviews to hire best talent to empower productivity and deliver insights. Fuze simplifies business voice communication, flexible video conferencing, and seamless communication anytime, anywhere, across any device.


Many of the above-mentioned tools offer a free trial as well. Sign up now and see whether the tool meets your team's needs!

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