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How to find software solutions that make HR management easier

December 14 2022 - It doesn’t matter whether you are an HR leader in a single organization or part of an HR operation outsourced to many companies. You will have a lot on your plate. There is plenty to keep track of, and with limited resources, you might be worried about being overwhelmed by the task.

However, with the many technological solutions available to you, some of the heavy lifting can be done by various software packages, so you can concentrate on the issues that require a human touch. It is not always easy to find the right tool for the job, though; when you do, there are other things to consider, like compatibility.

Finding the right payroll software

If you are part of a larger organization, this might seem easier than trying to run something that works for several different companies, but it can still be very difficult. You are likely to have different needs to satisfy, as well as countless inquiries from employees about missed payments for expenses, overtime, or requesting PTO.

This cannot be run from an excel sheet, so you need a portal that employees can log into and see what they will be paid and request PTO, which can be automatically granted according to a defined algorithm or referred to management if it falls into a grey area.

You’ll also need to find the right benefits and other packages

A similar principle will likely have to apply with a benefits package, so employees (and anyone wanting to work with your organization) can see and come up with their own bespoke package from what is on offer. This takes it all out of your hands and can save you time and stress.

Of course, you will also need some sort of scheduling software to ensure you have the right people in at the right time and that others are not overwhelmed covering for colleagues. This all needs to get reported back to the payroll software so that overtime and PTO can be logged and updated in real-time so that you are not bombarded with requests asking if the overtime they just did was logged in time to be shown on their next paycheck.

Compatibility - getting them to talk to each other

This means that all the packages you have picked need to talk to each other, and this might need a bespoke solution created by a developer. This can manage the APIs (how software programs talk to each other) to ensure the information can be passed between packages safely and securely, which is key with this type of data.

By choosing an API gateway open source solution, you could take control of this process and have the various packages connected to take much of the weight off your shoulders. This can lead to a better all-around service for everyone, as you can pick the best tools for the job, rather than having to settle for the ones that just work together.

Final thoughts

Using technology to make your job easier is not new, but you are often stuck with something that works well in some areas but not others. However, by using the right API management, you can choose the ‘best in class’ products for your needs and have them running seamlessly in unison.

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