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Ontario Government Should Pay Attention to Workplace Violence

Match 9 - One of the largest unions in Ontario has asked for workplace violence to be covered by the province's health and safety legislation.

Cec Makowski, Ontario Region Vice President of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada called on Premier Dalton McGuinty to address the pressing need to remedy what Makowski described as "a growing and absolutely preventable workplace hazard."

CEP has been spearheading a campaign entitled "A Life Free of Violence - It's Our Right". Thousands of workers have signed petition cards since December in favour of including workplace harassment and violence in the province's Occupational Health and Safety Act.

"The Occupational Health and Safety Act provides protection for workers against hazards in the workplace when it comes to machinery, the environment and unsafe products, but it fails to clearly include harassment and violence as a hazard," Cec Makowski said at a Queen's Park press conference.

"Mr. McGuinty can send a strong message to women workers especially by amending the Act," he continued. The CEP representative was accompanied by Emily Watkins, chair of CEP's Women's Committee in Ontario, Andrea Horvath, MPP for Hamilton East and Terri Downey, Executive Vice President of the Ontario Federation of Labour.

Emily Watkins added: "It is more than appropriate on this International Women's Day that the Ontario government acknowledge this problem and take measures to correct it."

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