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Human Resource Management in a Business Context
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Human Resource Management in a Business Context
by Alan Price

Human Resource Management in a Business Context provides an international focus on the theory and practice of people management. A thorough and comprehensive overview of all the key aspects of HRM, including case studies, articles from HRM Guide and other sources, key concepts, review questions and problems for discussion and analysis.
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Adopting HRM around the world

 HRM in the United States

HRM is primarily North American in origin but, far from causing a revolution in people management techniques, acceptance of the new interpretation has not been universal in the USA.(...) Why is this so? There are several possible explanations.

First, there is the issue of perception: many US businesses fail to see any difference between HRM and earlier forms of people management. This is reflected in many (most?) standard US academic texts which are mainly concerned with the functional activities of personnel specialists - their philosophy is little different from that of 1970s texts.

Second, There has always been a managerialist and anti-union tradition within personnel management in the USA - so that HRM is not the radical alternative it seems to be for welfare-oriented personnel managers and industrial relations specialists in other countries.

Third, the long-term perspective of HRM - viewing an organization's people as investments for the future. This concept sits uneasily with the prevailing short-termist ideology of business in the English-speaking world.

Generally, there is an increasing trend towards formal recognition of HR practitioners through certification

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 HRM in the UK.

When HRM was imported into other countries, it arrived with many of the contradictions inherent in North American practice. Further confusion was created as its principles were considered in the light of local people management traditions. As many commentators in Britain and elsewhere have been quick to point out, there is a 'central uncertainty' as to exactly what HRM is. The nature of HRM has been the focus of a particularly vigorous debate in the UK.

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