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Yes No.....Personnel Management dates from the 1890's in the USA
Yes No.....Personnel Management has more of a welfare than a managerialist tradition in some countries
Yes No.....Traditional personnel managers had high status compared to managers in other business functions
Yes No.....HRM is just a new name for Personnel Management wherever it is applied
Yes No.....There is a greater stress on the differences between HRM and Personnel Management outside the USA
Yes No.....Human Resource Management first evolved in Great Britain
Yes No.....The ideas of F.W Taylor and Henry Forward have no influence on management today
Yes No.....Human Resource Management is a systematic approach to people management
Yes No.....The fundamental concepts of HRM are generally agreed and easy to implement
Yes No.....Basically, HRM is just Human Relations
Yes No.....HRM is one of a number of management fashions that have developed over the last few decades
Yes No.....The rise of HRM has something to do with female and male power issues
Yes No.....Hard and soft mean difficult and easy to understand respectively
Yes No.....Harvard's model of HRM is much harder than that from Michigan
Yes No.....HRM sometimes seems to mean Hypocrisy, Rhetoric and Manipulation
Yes No.....Human resources are just the same as any other business resource
Yes No.....The rise and application of HRM has been faster in theory than in practice
Yes No.....Human Resource Information Systems and other computer techniques make HRM easier to apply
Yes No.....Currently there is considerable interest in measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of HR initiatives
Yes No.....There is a coherent and integrated system of HR certification in the USA

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