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What is HRM Guide

HRM Guide is an independent online publisher of articles and information about Human Resource Management and related subjects founded in the year 2000, Articles are aimed at HR Practitioners, researchers and students throughout the world. Please note that HRM Guide is online only.


Alan Price is the Managing Editor of HRM Guide (see Alan Price's Linkedin Profile), He is the author of a number of books. Contact him at

Content and Access

HRM Guide offers a huge number of entirely free pages of HR-related content but they are copyright and may not be reproduced by any means without specific permission. HRM Guide websites do not not require passwords or membership registration. There are several gateways to recent articles and features:

New pages are added almost every day. Details about the latest articles on all HR-related sites are posted on HRM Guide Updates and you can also keep up-to-date as a friend on our Facebook page. We feature items on emerging issues.

Contributing to HRM Guide

The editor is happy to consider guest articles, HR-related news releases, information on HR events and link exchanges.


Advertising is accepted on (almost) all HRM Guide website pages. They are negotiated individually. Please contact the editor. We do not get involved with event sponsorship or joint marketing.


All our information is accessible using the search boxes on virtually every page. We do not answer homework-related questions. Non-homework queries should be addressed to the editor.

HRM Textbooks

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management, 4th edition
by Alan Price
 Thorough and comprehensive treatment of all the key aspects of HRM.
More information and prices from: - UK pounds - Euros - Euros - US dollars - Can dollars

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
 Shortened version of Human Resource Management - concise analysis for non-specialists and one-semester courses.
More information and prices from: - UK pounds - Euros - Euros - US dollars - Can dollars

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