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The last decade has seen a transformation of the human resource function with the increasing use of internet-based technology for activities such as recruitment, information-provision and benefit administration. This section of HRM Guide provides access to articles and features about web-related issues in human resource management.

Beginners' series

Where and how do you begin your research? How do you avoid trailing through endless pages of useless results, dead links and unhelpful 'members only' sites? What are the best search strategies for HR? Which are the best sites? How do you collect and organize the material you find?

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Online Recruitment
July 16 2007 - Online recruitment has the virtue of being available to candidates and employers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year. It is always on and easily adjustable to meet changing requirements.

Employment sites do the job
September 21 2006 - Recruiters and HR leaders find online job sites effective in filling openings, despite complaints that they generate too many unqualified applicants. Only employee referral programmes got higher marks, while print advertising trailed behind.

Cost v Time
August 16 2005 - Applicant tracking and candidate management is one of the key areas where organisations are not taking full advantage of the time-saving benefits of the internet. A quarter of the UK's workforce now expect to find their next job online but the UK's recruiters are still behind the game when it comes to their ability to realise and leverage the benefits of online applications.

5 Tips for a Safe Online Job-Search
February 1 2005 - With the Internet's convenience, a breeding ground for scam artists continues to grow each year as well. Identity thefts have increased to an overwhelming 10 million cases per year, and many of them are the result of phishing - not surprisingly, the employment industry is under attack as well.

1. E-cruitment is revolutionising the Recruitment Industry
30 January 2004 - Michael Stamp's series of articles on how online recruitment and the use of new emerging technologies have many advantages for the modern recruiter.

2. A Searching Strategy

3. Finding candidates on the Web

Manpower Introduces Web-Based Employment Prescreening Tool
July 16 2003 - Manpower has added NetSelect(SM), a Web-based employment prescreening tool, to its range of North American human resources services.

Job seekers spend 7 hours a week looking at recruitment ads
April 25 2003 - 60% of job seekers in a recent survey said they averaged seven hours per week reviewing recruitment advertisements.

Introduction to Online Recruitment
21 February 2003 - The real strength and power of online recruitment, when done properly, lie in harnessing internet technology to not just attract candidates but to deal with them too.

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