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A Third Don't Take Their Vacation Time

August 23 2007 - A recent on-line survey by found that less than two-thirds of Canadians intend to take as much vacation time as they are entitled to this summer and a significant number will check in with their employers while on holiday.

  • About 64 per cent of 1841 participants said that they intend to enjoy a well-earned vacation, saying they "deserve every minute and more".
  • About 19 per cent said they will not be taking holiday because they do not want to come back to a "nightmare workload".
  • A further 16 per cent said they will only be taking part of the time they are entitled to, saying they would feel guilty leaving work behind.

The survey found that workers in Quebec appear most determined to make the most of their summer holidays, with 72 per cent of 225 French Canadians saying they will take all their entitlement, about 15 per cent saying they will not be taking a vacation, and 12 per cent a partial vacation.

A separate survey found that a significant number of Canadians will not be leaving their work completely behind while on summer holidays. More than one third of 1598 participants (37 per cent) said that they will be using their cell phone, BlackBerry or laptop to check in with work periodically.

Gabriel Bouchard, Monster Canada's vice president and general manager said:

"In order to maintain a positive and healthy work-life balance, taking time off from the job is a necessity today. Employers need to take the initiative to encourage their staff to take vacation time, as it helps to increase overall performance and morale. Companies are beginning to recognize that their employees come back more energized and productive."

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