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Canadian Unemployment Rate
Monthly information from Statistics Canada.

Prepare for work: tackling the job interview
Updated November 19 2019 - How should you prepare for the questions and what should you wear. Here are some useful hints.

Ongoing Competition for Talent
April 18 2018 - Canadian employers are doing more in a competitive job market to recruit and retain recent post-secondary graduates according to a survey of 95 leading Canadian companies.

Time To Recruit Talent
September 16 2009 - Now is the time to consider upgrading talent and making acquisitions according to a new report from RBC. Businesses can benefit from job market conditions to upgrade their talent and, for smaller companies, recruit new employees who may be the key succession planning.

Phased Retirement Programs Can Ease Skills Shortage
November 27 2008 - Nearly one third of employers feel that phased retirement programs are an important element of their HR strategies over the next five years.

Widespread Job Anxiety In Quebec
November 27 2008 - More than 90% of the province's workers believe that the economic crisis will have a negative impact on employment in Quebec workers according to a recent CROP survey conducted for the Ordre des conseillers en resources humaines agrees (CRHA).

Labour Crisis In Manufacturing Sector
August 29 2008 - A Conference Board study has identified an impending labour crisis in Canada's manufacturing sector.

B.C. Improves Foreign Credential Recognition Programs
March 28 2008 British Columbia Economic Development Minister Colin Hansen has announced CDN$1 million in funding to improve international credential recognition programs in the province.

B.C. Project Aims To Offset Employee Shortages
February 5 2008 - Launch of a two-year pilot project aimed at foreign workers, intended to offset serious employee shortages in tourism/hospitality and trucking.

B.C. Signs Worker Agreement With Philippines To Address Skills Shortage
January 29 2008 - The British Columbia provincial goverment has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Philippine government aimed at reducing the shortage of skilled workers in B.C.

Boost For New Brunswick Contact-Centre Industry
June 22 2006 - New Brunswick Premier Bernard Lord announced this week that Illinois-based Virtual-Agent Services (VAS) has established a customer-contact centre in the Town of Nackawic, its 15th centre in the province. It is expected that the new centre will create up to 50 jobs within its first year of operation.

Employers Struggling To Find And Keep Employees
June 20 2006 - A survey by Hewitt Associates, a global HR services company, has found that big and small organizations in all industries throughout Canada are finding it challenging to attract and retain workers. Most of the 232 employers in the survey are focusing on flexibility as a means of addressing the problem.

Canadian Brains on the Move
February 25 2006 - A study recently published by the C.D. Howe Institute shows that the slowdown of Canada’s productivity growth and the widening gap between Canadian and US per capita incomes in recent years has led to fresh concerns about a brain drain of highly qualified individuals and entrepreneurs.

New focus on employer involvement in immigration to Manitoba
December 10 2005 - Manitoba launched a stronger focus on provincial immigration strategies to increase employer participation and involvement at a special forum held on December 9.

New Canada-Saskatchewan Immigration Agreement
June 2 2005 - Canada and Saskatchewan have signed a new immigration agreement, replacing the original Canada-Saskatchewan Agreement of March 16, 1998.

Planning Ahead: Keeping Your Staff
March 10 2005 - A recent survey found that only a half of businesses seemed to be concerned about employee retention.

Mentoring Skilled Immigrants
November 30 2004 - A new mentoring program that matches skilled immigrants with established professionals who share the same occupation has been launched.

Internationally Trained Workers Can Reduce Skills Gap
October 16 2003 - A new program is being launched to increase awareness among employers of the benefits of hiring, training and retaining internationally trained workers living in Canada.

Why should I hire you?
September 24 2003 - It's a standard interview question, but the answers employers receive can be far from ordinary.

Toronto Needs More Skilled People
July 8 2003 - More work needs to be done to attract high-skilled immigrants to Toronto if the city's potential for growth in producing knowledge-based goods and services is to be realized.

Job growth continues in Ontario
April 4 2003 - March saw the creation of another 17,100 new jobs in Ontario, which means that 71,000 new jobs were created in the first quarter of 2003 and a total of 1,105,000 net new jobs since 1995.

Ontario Tax Incentives Take Effect
January 6 2003 - Tax incentives aimed at creating jobs in Ontario's small business and mining sectors took effect on January 1, 2003.

Student work experience opportunities wanted in Ontario
May 29 2002 - Fifty business and community leaders united yesterday in an effort to address a shortage of student work experience opportunities in Ontario.

Toronto surveys people who left Ontario Works
May 29 2002 - A Toronto City survey of people leaving social assistance still face a poverty trap from which it is difficult to escape.

Skilled labour shortages likely as boomers retire
A generalized staff shortage or several isolated shortages of skilled employees is likely with the imminent retirement of baby boomers as early as 2006.